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What is VELL's Inclement Weather Policy?

In the event of severe weather, games that are stopped will be postponed and rescheduled (either later that night or on the next available date).  We will do our best to start the next game on the schedule on time and hopefully, complete the balance of the day's games (assuming the weather improves).

Games status changes will be reflected on the VEL website's Master Schedule or the Team Page as soon as possible.    If you are monitoring the VEL website, cancelled games will be in Red, with a strikethrough.  Affected players and coaches should receive an email and/or text message informing them of the game cancellation. 


Add the VEL website as an icon on my iPhone/iPad?

  1. In the Safari browser, open http://vell.usl.la
  2. On the icon bar at the bottom, click on the box icon with the arrow pointing up
  1. Click on the Add to Home Screen icon
  1. Fine tune the description to something short and hit Add



How do I update my email address and/or change my password?

On the left (vertical) menu, click on the "Edit My Account" button

Why aren't I receiving emails / notifications from VEL?

Either you have a typo in your VEL website Account or in your Account profile, you checked "No Email".   Review by selecting the left (vertical) menu, "Edit My Account" button