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JV Team Weekly Update
by posted 10/18/2021

Good Morning JV Team,


Please see the link to this past week's game below.  Watch the film and look for things we did well and areas where you can improve:




Also, please make sure that you are going through the Wall Ball Routine that I handed out.  If anyone did not get the hand out or misplaced it, let me know and I will send you a copy.  When you watch the video, note how many times we threw the ball away.  Getting better at our stick skills is the most important part of our improvement, individually and as a team.  From the best player, to the most inexperienced player, we can all improve on this.  If you have any questions about the routine please let me know.


Our last regular season game is next Saturday at 10 AM.  I hope to see most of you this week on Tuesday and Thursday.  Otherwise, see you at 9:30 on Saturday.


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Last Weeks Game Film
by posted 10/14/2021

Hey JV Team,


Sorry for the delay in getting this out, below is the link to our game last week vs Yorktown.  




Look forward to seeing everyone at 10 AM on Saturday for our 10:30 game vs Robinson.  If you can't make it please let me know.



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