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Video, Pictures and Game This Weekend
by posted 09/13/2021

Hi Everyone,


As we have mentioned many times before, Patriot Lacrosse is very greatful for all of the volunteers that help support the program.  That applies to VEL as well and we are fortunate that John Hand took some awesome pictures during the game that I am sharing with you.  Additionally, thanks to Gene Shearer for taking video of the entire game.  I highly recommend that the players watch the video to see where we did things well and where we can improve.  One thing that stood out to me especially was that we can get better at first-time ground balls.  Please see the links below for the awesome content and thanks to John and Gene!






A few notes on the game this upcoming weekend.  First, no need to get there as early as last week, but I am asking that everyone arrive at least 30 minutes prior to game time.  That gives us time to check in, get geared up, stretch and hopefully get a short warmup.

This weekend we are playing PVI.  I don't want our team to get psyched out by the name on the jersey.  Will they be good, yes.  Can we beat them, absolutely!  This team is made  up of 8th and 9th graders and went to overtime against Gainesville/Battlefield last week.  We'll be catching them on their second game of the morning which puts us in a good position.  We need to be mentally prepared to play but we can definitely play with, compete and beat this team if we give our best effort.  Be confident, not cocky!  


See you all out there on Saturday



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Welcome to Patriot JV VEL!
by posted 09/08/2021

Good Morning Parents and Players!


Welcome to the Patriot JV VEL Team.  I am Dan Schmelzer and I will be one of the coaches helping out with the team this Fall.  I am very excited to get the boys back out on the field and playing some lacrosse.  


The VEL schedule is posted for JV through 10/9 and our first game is this Saturday at 9:30 AM.  Please note that the schedule may change so check back frequently.  I will send an update if I can.   For this weekends game I would like everyone to arrive 1 Hour before game time.  We have some new players and some familiar faces, so arriving a little earlier will allow time for the players to get to know each other prior to stepping on the field.  


The VEL website does not provide me with the players positions so please reply to this message with your position and how many years of lacrosse experience you have to help me prepare for the game.


Finally, if you cannot make it to any of the games, please feel free to reach out to me directly at 703-727-0236 or thegoat26_2000@yahoo.com and let me know in advance so we can know how many players to expect at each game.  


Thanks and see you on the field!

Coach Dan

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